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  • The Ava


    Loved my earrings! The colors are so vibrant and earrings well made! - Jannira

  • the maude


    There was SO much attention to detail in everything about these earrings...Mia, I'm not entirely sure how you've managed to make earrings feel like an EXPERIENCE, but you certainly nailed it! - Yasmin

  • Hope - the Evelyn (Style 1)


    You can tell how much love and attention are put into making these earrings. And they are just so cute. They make me happy to wear them. - Meagan

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hi you!

My name is Mia Lauren, your joy-spreading bestie and the face behind A Tiny Bit Of Joy.

I'm here to spread happiness, and create joy that comes from being true to yourself and embracing abundance! I LOVE creating beautiful things, and I am a total girl's girl -- I am always going to be in your corner, cheering you on!!

Outside of my work, I am a military wife, I'm a boy mom, and I am a HUGE believer in nervous system work and somatic healing - it's literally changed my entire life for the better!

I love rocking big hats and big earrings, but on any given day, I'm rockin' leggings and a messy bun while I juggle homeschooling and learning how to cook as an adult 😝

I believe every badass woman deserves to own beautiful, happy things that remind her to find the sparkle and magic in everyday moments. Something that she indulges in - guilt free - simply because of the joy that it brings her!

I mean...can you imagine a world where every woman is cheered on to be her true self?

A world where she is encouraged to be curious and explore all the things that make her unique?

A world where she is daring enough to try on all the different versions of herself

That's the world I'm creating, just for us

I hope you'll stick around to see my handmade creations that will make your heart do a happy dance and join me in my journey to spread smiles, happiness, and joy, creating magical lives one tiny bit of joy at a time!

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